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Hi there, I’m Dr Brett


I believe everyone has the right to a long, happy, healthy life. Regardless of their age, current health status, or life goals, I want everyone to perform at their best!





Caring For Your Spine As You Age

One of the most common phrases I hear in practice is a variation of "but I'm getting old so that is to be expected" and I die a little inside every time I hear it. Not because age doesn't play a...

Creating Sustainable Changes

We live in a world focused on the short term results.  Everywhere we look we see messaging promoting quick fixes.  It seems for the younger generations it can be hard enough to get them to...

Priorities For Better Posture

This month at Healthy Choices Chiropractic our focus is on improving posture. If you want to improve your posture then you need to focus on the cause of the postural distortion, the function of your...


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