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Creating Sustainable Changes

We live in a world focused on the short term results.  Everywhere we look we see messaging promoting quick fixes.  It seems for the younger generations it can be hard enough to get them to focus on a 5 minute video, let alone long enough to make a real...

Priorities For Better Posture

Priorities For Better Posture

This month at Healthy Choices Chiropractic our focus is on improving posture. If you want to improve your posture then you need to focus on the cause of the postural distortion, the function of your spine and nervous system, your mobility and your strength. And if you...

Do You Feel Vulnerable?

Do You Feel Vulnerable?

Many of you that I have spoken to in the last few weeks are feeling vulnerable. Not just in terms of your ability to fight off a virus but mentally, physically, chemically, socially and financially. You worry that you don’t have the tools to deal with everything that...

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