One of the most common phrases I hear in practice is a variation of “but I’m getting old so that is to be expected” and I die a little inside every time I hear it.

Not because age doesn’t play a role in our health and our function, not because I think ageing is avoidable and certainly not because I don’t have empathy for the person in front of me and their struggles. I die a little inside because I firmly believe that ageing gets blamed for more than it should in our society.

Yes your joints might be more worn out than they used to be, yes your muscles and ligaments might have more damage and scar tissue than they used to and yes your aches, pains and restrictions have increased and maybe even accelerated as you have gotten older. But that doesn’t mean that age is entirely to blame.

In fact normal ageing is a slow and graceful process. When that is not happening it is as a result of dysfunction over time. In other words your body has been functioning poorly enough for long enough in tat particular area that it is wearing out more quickly than it should be. A great sign to look for that this is the case is that it is doing so asymmetrically. All of your joints are the same age, so if one is wearing out quicker than the other then it makes sense that is a result of dysfunction rather than age.

The good news about that is that there are things you can do about it. If your accelerated “ageing’ is a result of poor function, then improving your function should be able to at the very least slow the process, maybe even halt it or allow it to heal a little.

Yes there are some things out of your control. Like previous insults and injuries, damage from a job that you can’t afford to (or don’t want to) quit, genetic factors, bad luck etc. etc.

However there are things that you can control to help your body age normally (well). Looking at the way you eat, think and move can make a significant difference.

See below for the link to my webinar where I will spend an hour covering exactly how to do it in more detail than I can fit here.

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