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This program is for people who want to learn how to feel the fear and do it anyway. For people who are willing to lean into their challenges and see how they can be your best teachers. And it IS for people who are fed up with feeling scared, anxious and hopeless. Are you ready to change the way you see life’s’ challenges?


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Over the last 15 years I have worked in the health and wellness space in a variety of roles. Chiropractor, health coach, author, podcaster and public speaker just to name a few. I have had the privilege of helping millions of people upgrade their life in person and online including my popular podcast show This Week In Wellness my podcast network The Wellness Couch and our signature events The Wellness Summit and The Wellness Breakthrough. 

Over those 15 years there is one thing that keeps coming up, and in recent times more than ever. People are feeling scared, anxious and hopeless and it is quite literally making them sick. Not only that, it is affecting every aspect of their lives, be that their relationships, their work, their kids, their finances, their social life and even their movement and nutrition. 

Quite simply people feel STUCK and they don’t know how to get moving or what direction to head in. 

I know this is true because I have been there too! When my wife left me in 2013 I felt totally lost and helpless. I lost all motivation, I lost all hope for the future and I didn’t know how to turn it around. I felt like a failure as a father and husband, my finances went down the toilet and my health nose dived. This was my Rock Bottom

I thought I could think my way out of the problem. All I needed was more information, better options and more time so I could get my life back on track. I was WRONG!

I’m here to tell you you have enough of all three of these things. 

In this information age you can find more information than you will ever need in a few touches of a keyboard. In this increasingly connected world you have more access to more options than any other time in human history. And you don’t need more time, in fact if you used the time you currently spend worrying productively, you would be where you want to be already!

So what is the missing ingredient?

Well in my opinion and experience, based on overcoming my own challenges, decades of research, coaching, interviewing and questioning it is RESILIENCE!

I didn’t need a perfect plan for recovering from divorce. After all, no two people are the same and no one plan is going to work for everyone. What I did need was the intestinal fortitude to take action and the resilience to keep going even when the first thing I tried didn’t work. 

Once I started exercising my resilience it all started to get back on track. It enabled me to take the action steps that allowed me to find the information and the tools that worked for me and it obliterated the procrastination that was eating up all my available time. 

I got my family back on track, I got my relationships back on track, I got my work back on track and I got my health back on track. And all it took.. Was RESILIENCE. 

The best bit is that you don’t need to find resilience, it already exists inside of you. You just need to release it and exercise it. It is like a muscle, you just need to work and strengthen over time. And the more you use it, in more different ways, the stronger it gets and the easier it is to express. That is why I have created my membership program Exercising Resilience!

To unleash it you need 3 things INFORMATION, MENTORING and a TRIBE to support you and Exercising Resilience is designed to give you just that.

Exercising Resilience in an online membership group that provides you with 

  1. Private access to me
  2. Motivated members to share and grow with
  3. Monthly resilience workshop with me
  4. Monthly group coaching call with me
  5. Recordings from my events
  6. Fortnightly blog/emails
  7. 21 day challenge once a month

I know that you are feeling scared, anxious and hopeless and I know that you have it within you to take the action and find the solutions to make your life what you always dreamed it to be. I want to show you a clear path to rediscovering your innate resilience so that you can have confidence, certainty and hope for the future. 

This is NOT a cookie cutter, one size fits all set of solutions. It is NOT a bunch of strategies that you will never get around to doing. It is a plan to build your resilience step by step, block by block so that you can start to action and achieve all of the plans and knowledge that you already have within you. 

So who is this program for?

Well it is NOT for people who want to stay stuck in their excuses. It is NOT for people who are content to play small. And it is NOT for people who want to take a passive role in their own lives or who want a “guru” to do it for them. 

This program is for people who want to learn how to feel the fear and do it anyway. For people who are willing to lean into their challenges and see how they can be your best teachers. And it IS for people who are fed up with feeling scared, anxious and hopeless. Are you ready to change the way you see lifes’ challenges?

There are no lock-in contracts in Exercising Resilience. You can cancel, pause or upgrade your subscription membership anytime. We also have a 100% quality guarantee. I want to give you the best opportunity to create Everyday Resilience. That’s why we’re inviting you to fully participate in Everyday Resilience and if you don’t feel we’ve delivered on our promise, you can cancel at any time.

So the choice is yours. Join us now and start exercising your resilience and releasing your feelings of fear, anxiousness and hopelessness OR risk being in exactly the same place that you are now in another 12 months or even 5 years!


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