Challenge the norm | Question convention | Go barefoot

Keep messing up your goals?

Falling off the wagon?

Keep waiting ‘til Monday?

I hear you.

And you shouldn’t beat yourself up!

Maybe there’s a reason you aren’t responding to the conventional way of doing things.

Maybe you just don’t work that way.

(Guess what? I don’t either.)

I created Barefoot Coaching as an alternative to conventional Life Coaching.

One based on the latest science of what makes human beings tick; what we respond to, our reward pathways, our capacity for change, our very nature.

→ It involves getting creative, simplifying your life and prioritising what’s important to you.

→ It’s about flipping the way you ‘do’ goals, and keeping them small and achievable.

→ It’s about sidestepping the myths about success and walking your own path to fulfilment.

Why Dr Brett Hill?

With over 10 years experience as a practising Chiropractor, author of 3 books, 3 eBooks, professional speaker, MC, movement coach, podcast host, – you have access to a unique combination of professional advice, behind-the-scenes knowledge, mentorship and personal support in your coach, Dr Brett Hill.

Barefoot Coaching allows you to:

✔   Follow your instincts.

✔   Pursue what you love.

✔   Achieve your goals, effortlessly

✔   Arrange your life so you’re ridiculously excited to get up in the morning and do your thing!

Sound good? Flick us an email at to book your first session.

Or read on for more about Barefoot Coaching with Dr Brett Hill and what it can do for you.

What you get from Barefoot Coaching:

✔ Professional health advice from a registered practitioner with 12 years experience.

✔ Personalised exercise, fitness and movement advice from someone who’s been there, done that and helped tens of thousands of others do the same.

✔ Unexpected, intuitive and highly-effective ways of un-structuring your life (while still achieving big).

✔ Gratitude for the present.

✔ Freedom from the stress of ‘falling short’.

✔ A truly individualised plan that we design together.

✔ An accountability partner.

✔ A friend who’ll tell it to you straight.

✔ Inside advice from a health and wellness expert.

✔ Clarity, satisfaction, achievement and fulfilment.

What you won’t get from Barefoot Coaching:

╳ A cookie-cutter approach.

╳ The same advice you’ve heard before.

╳ Lectures.

╳ Bland diet plans.

╳ Guilt trips.

╳ Generic templates, worksheets and plans you can get online.

Things you can discover and learn with the help of Dr Brett Hill:

→  What’s the right way to exercise (beyond the fads, fitness boot camps and injuries)?

→  How can I exercise in a way that’s energising, uplifting and fits with my schedule?

→  How much exercise do I REALLY need to do – and what kind?

→  How can I fit in fitness around an already jam-packed schedule?

→  How can I help my kids make healthier eating choices (without nagging)?

→  Can you help me plan my healthy week?

→  Can you give me a pep talk (that doesn’t sound patronising)?

→  Can you let me know if I’m on the right track?

→  Help! Why aren’t I losing weight?

→  Help! I keep getting sick!

→  What’s the optimum diet for human health?

→  How can I change my lifestyle if my partner isn’t on board?

→  How can I be a better role model for my kids?

→  What does it take to run a successful business?

→  What are the most important things to know about working for yourself?

→  Should I stay in my current job, or pursue a career less ordinary?

→  How do you marry creative and financially supportive work?

→  What does a healthy work/life balance look like?

→  What’s really behind a successful podcast?

→  What does it take to write a book?

→  Help! I have a huge project I’m working on and NO ONE to keep me accountable.

→  Help! I need to achieve X in one year’s time. How do I break it down into small, manageable chunks?

The possibilities are endless! Let’s workshop your wildest dreams.

Your investment

How much money have you spent on diets, programs, protocols, supplements, eBooks and seminars that don’t work?

Invest in coaching that’s proven, effective, logical and long-term.

Invest in yourself.

If you’re serious about improving your life in creative and unconventional ways then the investment is going to be returned to you in spades. Just $495 for an initial one hour session,either in person or via Skype, could change your life!

Ready to walk a more natural, intuitive, creative path to success? Kick off your shoes! Start now! Email me at and I will respond personally. 

What people say about working with Dr Brett.

“Brett Hill has a very sympathetic ear and kind and gentle manner. Having gone through many personal challenges himself he is able to understand fully how life can throw us some curly ones at times and I found he has many brilliant practical ideas on how to move through them. He is particularly helpful when it comes to the challenges we face on a daily basis with bringing up children. I find Brett to be an inspiration and a wonderful role model as he demonstrates strength in his own life whether it be in the area of nutrition, movement, family, or life purpose. Brett has offered me simple solutions in the past that have worked beautifully.  This guy can offer so much wisdom and heartfelt  methods of moving forward in your life!”

Jodie Basel

“Dr Brett Hill as your life coach? Run don’t Walk to sign up for this.  I have had the privilege of him imparting his wisdom and knowledge to me for a few years now, His down to earth no nonsense approach and meeting you right where you are and working out the most appropriate plan of action for you is his forte.  HE will keep it real and simple and help you get the best out of yourself one step at a time.  Brett has directly impacted my quality of life and I know without his friendship, guidance and direction I would not be where I am today.”

Wendy Stewart (Wendy’s Way podcast)

“Dr. Brett Hill is best known for barefoot running, the Paleo Diet, and teaching kids to love vegetables, but for me, he will always be the person who shaped the way I think.  Before I met him I was highly critical, and probably too judgemental for my own good.  Although I wasn’t a pessimistic person, I did have a negative perspective which was a legacy of how I learned to communicate with my friends and family.  However, Dr. Brett noticed this and helped me re-frame the way I thought and spoke.  I adjusted the language I used, which changed how I spoke to my loved ones and myself.  I became a problem solver; someone who didn’t tolerate excuses.  I took charge of my own life.  Dr. Brett also saw potential in me that no one else did, and he was my mentor as I trained to become a coach myself.  Now, years later, I have a career that I LOVE.  None of that would have been possible without Dr. Brett.”

Stephanie Wasylyk

Business and Marketing Consultant, Her Smart Marketing (

You have made it this far for a reason. Now it’s time to take action. Email me at and let’s get started!