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This morning was the CrossFit open again. This time it included muscle ups (which I cannot do) and it really made me think about my relationship with failure.

My first gut reaction was stuff it. If I can do all the movement why try at all. If I can’t win, what’s the point. Then I remembered […]

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You’re Here For You

Sarah, our new trainer at Greenhill Family Fitness, has a saying that she likes to repeat over and over: ‘You’re here for you!’, and I think it is a fantastic mantra to have.

So often in our modern health care system people want to pass on the responsibility for their health and their actions to someone […]

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Why I Hate The 80:20 Rule

The 80:20 rule is an oft repeated and much loved mantra in health and wellness circles. The principle (and I think it a quite sound one) is that if you can get your diet and exercise 80% right then you will get most of the benefits that you would otherwise get if you did it […]

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Why I Jumped

In case you missed one of my not so subtle brags on Facebook or at The Wellness Summit in Melbourne or on my TV screen at Greenhill   Family Chiropractic I just want to let you know that a couple of weeks ago I jumped out of an aeroplane!

Now I know that over 70,000 people go […]

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Why I Never Cheat

I NEVER cheat when it comes to my diet.
Now I know some of you will be reading this and thinking OMG. That would be right. That Brett, he is such a zealot. Of course HE doesn’t cheat.

Some of you will be screaming at your screens LIAR! I have seen him eat…

Some will go straight into […]

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