This morning was the CrossFit open again. This time it included muscle ups (which I cannot do) and it really made me think about my relationship with failure.

My first gut reaction was stuff it. If I can do all the movement why try at all. If I can’t win, what’s the point. Then I remembered how much of a metaphor for life CrossFit is and realised that in CrossFit just as in life you learn by doing. You learn by failing. And if you aren’t willing to step up to the plate then you are never going to grow.

So I did 17.2 this morning and I got 0.0 muscle ups done. I failed at muscle ups, but I won at life. Because the more you are willing to risk failure, the more you train your body and your mind to confront those scary challenges (even when you think you know you can’t beat them) the more you are going to grow in life and the more rewarding your life is going to be.